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Rubriq partners with writeLaTeX



We’re excited to announce a new partnership with another top innovator in tools for researchers, writeLaTeX.  The official press release follows below. If you aren’t familiar with their new Overleaf system, go to to check it out. It’s an easy-to-use WYSIWYG manuscript editor with real-time collaboration. It produces structured, fully typeset output produced automatically in the background as you type. And no, you don’t have to be a LaTeX user to benefit from either the original writeLaTeX or the new Overleaf system. It’s a great way to manage your developing manuscript, especially with multiple authors/contributors.



writeLaTeX partners with Rubriq to offer its authors direct access to pre-submission peer review services 

As an independent peer review service, Rubriq looks for opportunities to partner with other innovators in the scholarly publishing industry. WriteLaTeX gives authors an easy way to write and collaborate on their scientific documents through a user-friendly interface called Overleaf which automatically typesets the paper in real-time in the browser.

As a free service that lets you create, edit and share your scientific ideas easily online, writeLaTeX was a natural partner for Rubriq.

Rubriq has been integrated into writeLaTeX as a peer review component that researchers can use before they publish. Once authors have completed work on a paper in the writeLaTeX system, they want to be sure it is ready to publish.  To get the benefit of a journal-quality pre-submission review, they can submit it directly from writeLaTeX to Rubriq and get a critical evaluation by three experts in their field. This gives authors the opportunity to address any issues and increase their chances of acceptance once they do submit to a journal.

Dr. John Hammersley, co-founder at writeLaTeX says “Scientific publishing is evolving and we’re keen to offer our users a wide-range of destinations for their work. Rubriq offers a new alternative to the traditional publication route, and we’re delighted to be working with them to streamline submissions to their peer-review service.”

After a manuscript has been completed in the writeLaTeX system, authors simply select “Submit to Rubriq for Peer Review” (either in the top bar of your writeLaTeX screen or through the “Publish” menu). Then in one click, manuscript files and metadata will be passed over to the Rubriq submission system. Once the report has been completed, the authors of a paper can go back and make their revisions in real-time on the same document in the writeLaTeX system.




About Rubriq

Rubriq ( delivers objective, critical, pre-submission peer review of academic manuscripts from three carefully matched expert reviewers. Rubriq reviewers are all active PhD- or MD-level academics with established publishing and review experience. Reviewers are compensated for their work, and reviews are returned to the authors within two weeks. Authors pay $600 for the three reviewer report, which covers the cost of reviewer recruitment and compensation. Our standardized, structured scorecards span all areas of study and include detailed comments as well as numeric scores, which allow the author to quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript, as assessed by experts in the field. Rubriq is a division of Research Square, which makes it a sister company to and AJE (manuscript preparation services) and JournalGuide (free online journal search tool). To find out more about Research Square, visit


About writeLaTeX

WriteLaTeX is a free service that lets you create, edit and share your scientific ideas easily online using LaTeX, a comprehensive and powerful tool for scientific writing. The company has grown rapidly since its launch in 2011, and today there are tens of thousands of active users who’ve created over a million projects. WriteLaTeX was founded by John Hammersley and John Lees-Miller, two mathematicians who worked together on the pioneering Ultra PRT Project and who were inspired by their own experiences in academia to create a better solution for collaborative scientific writing. In 2014, Overleaf aims to make science and R&D faster, more open and more transparent by bringing the whole scientific process into the cloud, from idea to writing to review to publication. Overleaf makes the power of professional typesetting immediately accessible to all scientists and technical writers at all stages of their career. Find out more at

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QScience selects Rubriq to provide peer review for its 15+ journals


The Rubriq team is excited to announce a new relationship with QScience. Although we continue to be a service focused on helping individual authors, the QScience journals will now also be direct customers of Rubriq. We will provide standardized peer review for their incoming submissions, and effectively remove the connection between peer review and revenue that can cause controversy for Gold OA journals.

Here is the full news release:

International open access publisher Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation has announced a new partnership with Rubriq, complementing its own peer review process for journals on with Rubriq’s ground-breaking scorecard, a standardized, independent peer review tool, developed to speed publication and increase trust in the peer review process.

While Rubriq will provide an independent peer review of submitted research, the editors-in-chief of each journal will retain control over which papers are ultimately accepted or rejected and base these decisions on both the evaluation of Rubriq reviewers and the particular scope of the journal in question. There are more than 15 journals available through, from specialized-topic journals to the multidisciplinary journal QScience Connect.

Although Rubriq will supplement the existing review process for more traditionally-structured journals, it will completely replace the peer review management process for QScience Connect, where editors will make decisions based solely on feedback provided in the Rubriq scorecard.

“This is a bold new step in the future of open access,” said Arend Kuester, Managing Director at QScience. “QScience prides itself in offering a fast, transparent and innovative open access publishing process that is centred on the author bringing his or her research to a global audience. This partnership will vastly improve that process, removing any potential conflict of interest in the reviewing process. And as the volume of submissions increase, the new process will also establish a consistent, high-quality standard of professional peer review and ensure that authors continue to receive responses within a reasonable time frame.”

“This partnership represents a significant step forward to the way in which scholarly publishers, authors and researchers come to think about peer review,” said Rubriq Co-Founder and Managing Director Keith Collier. “It is a paradigm shift that separates the peer review process from the actual publishing; eliminating major inefficiencies while validating Rubriq’s core belief that there should be a faster way to publish trusted research.”

Rubriq is designed to help individual authors make critical changes to their manuscript before submission and select the best journal for their work. This relationship demonstrates how journals can also use Rubriq to improve the publishing process. Outsourcing can enable journals to better manage the costs, quality and transparency of the peer review process.

The foundation of the Rubriq system is a web-based network that can handle large volumes of manuscript submissions. Using its proprietary software, Rubriq matches and assigns submissions to the appropriate peer reviewers, who utilize the patent-pending scorecard Rubriq uses to provide standardized, structured reviews. Rubriq also provides journal recommendations, using the reviews and software to match submitted papers to appropriate journals by keywords, as well as the impact and quality of the papers as assessed by the reviewers.

According to Arend Kuester, QScience represents an ideal partner for Rubriq’s standardized, independent peer review scorecard as it has a reputation as an innovator that is always looking for ways to improve the publishing process. QScience was launched by a team with traditional publishing backgrounds in 2010. They sought the opportunity to create global journals with the freedom to leapfrog established publishing processes and technologies.

QScience’s focus on open access is also a good fit for Rubriq. Open access has been criticized by some for its potential for conflicts of interest or lower-quality (and sometimes non-existent) peer review. By using a tested, standardized, and independent peer review service like Rubriq, any journal can be assured of receiving unbiased, high-quality evaluations of research.

“Our relationship with QScience allows us to demonstrate the potential for Rubriq and the rigor of our peer review process in ‘gold’ open access through a real-life scenario, rather than just theory,” concludes Rubriq’s Collier. “It is a platform from which we can attract the interest of other individual journals, as well as thought leaders in scholarly publishing.”, a Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development initiative, already hosts 14 scholarly journals that cover diverse subjects including information and library studies, sustainable energy, education, medicine and bioscience, Middle Eastern healthcare, design, and Islamic studies. Additional journals are scheduled for launch later this year.


If you have any questions, or are a journal interested in discussing a similar relationship, please email us at

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