Rubriq & Scientific Reports Fast-Track Trial

One of the main criticisms of the publishing process is the time it takes to go through peer review. More specifically, it’s the unknown amount of time the process will take that makes peer review feel like the “black box” that it is. Peer review is also one of the largest pain points for reviewers who may be inundated with requests from journals.

We developed Rubriq to save reviewers and authors time without compromising on rigor. Our scorecards help busy reviewers provide high-quality, rigorous feedback in an easy-to-use format. The resulting Rubriq Report gives authors clear feedback on how to improve and journals clear indicators of whether a manuscript would be acceptable for publication.

It’s for these reasons we are pleased to launch another experimental use of Rubriq. Starting this week, Rubriq and NPG’s Scientific Reports will be collaborating on a limited trial to fast-track submissions through the peer review process.  Much like priority mail, where you can pay extra to guarantee delivery by a certain date, fast-track will do the same for authors submitting paper to Scientific Reports. This gives researchers the option to pay an additional fee for expedited handling without compromising the journal’s standard.

The service will guarantee authors receive a decision in three weeks from complete submission/quality check of their papers. Rubriq will provide the peer review reports while Editors at Scientific Reports will make the final decision. The same editorial criteria for acceptance will be applied to any paper submitted to Scientific Reports, whether fast tracked or not.

We at Research Square are pleased to be partnering with NPG on this trial. We both have similar missions to advance science and enable researcher success. NPG has the highest standards of peer review in the industry, and it’s great validation that Rubriq passed NPG’s testing prior to embarking on our trial.

We hope to learn a lot from the trial to improve the author and reviewer experiences. We believe minimising the uncertainty surrounding the peer review process and speeding up the time to a decision on publication will be of real value to researchers, giving them more time to focus on making discoveries. We are excited to launch the Rubriq fast track trial with Scientific Reports this week.

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