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Today marks the official public launch of JournalGuide, a free tool for authors to use to find the best match for their research. JournalGuide grew out of the Rubriq team’s need to create a comprehensive journal database and powerful search tools at the article level. Our team continues to use this data to provide customized journal recommendations as a part of the complete Rubriq Report. We saw an opportunity to take what was originally an internal tool and make it into a free resource for all authors. By doing so, we also created the opportunity to collect author ratings and input to make it even more helpful. User accounts for JournalGuide and Rubriq are linked with a central login, and all journal profile data are also shared. Journals that created profiles on www.rubriq.com will see that data displayed live on JournalGuide. Be sure to visit www.journalguide.com to try it out, rate a journal or two, and share your feedback.

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