Beyond Biology: Rubriq scorecards for new fields

scorecardzSome of the first questions we heard after launching Rubriq were “but what about [my area of study]”? We designed the original Rubriq scorecard (see a sample here) specifically for biological and medical sciences, but hoped to eventually expand into other areas. A new partnership project with our sister company AJE prompted us to move up our timeline.

Since most of our team members have a life sciences background, we found outside experts in other fields to help us customize the new scorecards. We are happy to announce that we have created customized Rubriq scorecards for the following fields:

  • Social Sciences: Qualitative
  • Social Sciences: Quantitative
  • Humanities
  • Physical Sciences
  • Math and Computer Sciences
  • Engineering and Materials Science
  • Statistical Analysis “add-in” component (for any scorecard)

The full Rubriq Report contains three components: the scorecard, the iThenticate plagiarism report, and a custom journal recommendation. However, the journal recommendations are based on our ability to do advanced searches of all the published literature. Right now we can easily do that with all fields covered by PubMed, but don’t yet have the same access in other areas of study. So for these new papers we are not yet able to provide journal recommendations.  As part of our development of the new JournalGuide tool, we are expanding our article databases in these new areas. Once those are complete, we will be able to provide journal recommendations.

Although the new scorecards were only recently added to our system, Rubriq has already received manuscripts in all of the new fields. Moving into new areas is exciting, but also means that we need to expand our search for reviewers. Although more than 1,000 reviewers have already signed up with Rubriq, very few are outside our original scope. So if you have colleagues in these newly added areas of study, let them know that we’re looking for reviewers! They can visit our site to see the requirements, and can send any questions to

— Lisa Pautler, Director of Marketing

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