See us at STM

Are you attending the STM Spring Conference in Washington DC next week (April 30th-May 2nd)?

Rubriq will again participate in one of the event’s very popular Flash Sessions. Keith Collier will represent Rubriq in the session on “Peer Review, Payment & Analytics”, which starts at 4:30pm on Wednesday the 1st. It’s the last session of the day and is immediately followed by the conference reception, where you should be able to track Keith down for a chat.

The overall theme of the conference is “Proactive Scholarly Publishing: New Business Models, Partners and Customer Relationships,” which fits in perfectly with where we are in the evolution of Rubriq. Now that phase two is underway, we are continuing to grow and develop our different publisher and journal partnerships, and even explore some brand new opportunities.

So far we’ve invited several hundred journals to join the Rubriq network, and are continuing to expand our invitations to all journals in the biological and medical fields. If you’re a journal that has not received an email with login information, you can fill out our request form online. Look for updates on the journal page of our site in the month of May to see some of the first journals to come on board.

— Lisa (@RubriqNews)

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