Phase Two of Beta is Here!

We are excited to announce that Rubriq has successfully completed the first phase of beta testing, and the second phase is now underway!

As of this second phase, a total of eight publishers are now providing feedback on all aspects of the Rubriq report and system, and will help develop the features and options designed for journal editors. You can find out more about journals in the Rubriq network on our new Journals page.

This second phase of the Rubriq beta launch introduces two new services for authors in addition to the Rubriq scorecard. The first is a plagiarism check. Rubriq has selected iThenticate to provide a complete plagiarism report, as it is widely recognized as the industry standard. This will not only help authors resolve any issues prior to submission, but can also be attached to a manuscript for use by any journal.

The second new service is the journal recommendation report. After the scorecard is completed, a list of journals is compiled that most closely matches the paper’s scores and content.  These data-driven suggestions are then checked for accuracy and relevance by a Rubriq team member who is experienced in journal selection, and who is also a published researcher.  Authors will be able to filter and sort all of these journal recommendations by their own preferences, and therefore can make a well-informed decision about the best place to submit for a higher likelihood of success. 

Rubriq is also expanding from its initial three areas of study (immunology, cancer research, and microbiology) to cover over 200 biological and medical fields. Information about journals in these fields has been compiled into a proprietary database, which is used in the journal recommendation process.

Selected journals will soon receive invitations to claim their profiles, update their data, and become active in the Rubriq network. There is no cost for journals to join or participate in the Rubriq network. Journals that do not receive invitations by the end of April can request membership on the Rubriq website using this request form.

We are now accepting manuscript submissions, and continue to welcome new reviewers to the Rubriq network from all STM fields. The Rubriq team thanks its beta partners and Advisory Panel for their feedback and insights that have brought us to this new chapter. 

Lisa Pautler, Director of Marketing / @RubriqNews

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